The Ultim-Line is a very technical braid range in multi-strands up to 12 strands developed with a first-choice 100% DYNEEMA polymer. Developed for trout and predator fishing. The braid is made from premium polymer through the use of high quality 100% PE fiber is designed to meet all your expectations whatever the type of fishing. Endowed in addition with an elasticity close to zero, a strong resistance to abrasion and knots, the braids are available in diameter 10 to 16/100e for lengths of 130 m. Thanks to its flexibility and its smooth braiding, the Ultim-Line® is also characterized by its absence of shape memory and an optimized glide.

Finally, unlike most braids on the market made in Asia or the USA and sent to European fishermen by plane and boat, the Ultim-Line braid from Need2Fish, manufactured in France and in a neighboring country, has an LCA (life cycle analysis ) much better than any other braids on the market.