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Why work with the Need2Fish brand?

More and more fishermen are concerned about the environment and the quality of the products, so more and more followers are turning to French brands. This is why the Need2Fish brand tries to best meet the needs of your customers, lure fishermen. We offer you :

A French brand :
All our designs come to life in Haute-Loire (France) with materials engineers, designers and above all thanks to a team of passionate fishermen committed to lure fishing.

Attractive and selling packaging
Our packaging is written in French and English for more clarity and transparency for fishermen. These have been thought out with professional traders to meet your needs as a seller: how to make a product attractive on the shelf? How to facilitate shelving to save space and efficiency?

New and worked products
All our products have been developed through “design thinking” workshops, engineers and designers have integrated a long process of research and development. Indeed, the design is spread over more than a year before carrying out proven tests (9 months in) in order to guarantee fishermen the best products and the best possible quality. Need2Fish is a brand offering technical, new products, meeting the needs of lure fishermen in order to attract new customers or retain your current customers.

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