Lead-Free Weighted Heads

Our buds are guaranteed lead-free, non-toxic, non-mutagenic and environmentally friendly. With natural, non-deformable and ultra-balanced colours, they are suitable for receiving all models of soft lures!

This range of PRO weighted heads has been entirely designed by NEED2FISH to adapt to all lure sizes from the smallest 3'' to the largest 8''! These lead-free weighted heads protect the environment, have no impact on the aquatic environment, unlike traditional jig heads.

Developed specifically for vertical fishing, based on tungsten alloy, they have a density identical to lead. These heads are made with strong iron and ultra sharp hooks (round or barbarian shape). They are available like the whole Weighted head range without leads in three shapes (ball sabot, Fishhead) thus adapting to all the conditions encountered in vertical fishing.

The Greenjig range was created and developed in France, it is the first Biodegradable weighted head. A patented, unprecedented and one-of-a-kind innovation.