The Need2Fish Adventure

The passion for nature and sport fishing, as a playground, is our daily adventure. That of Need2Fish!

I grew up in the heart of Velay, between Ardèche and Forez, where nature and water are one. There mystical rivers flow like the Allier, the Atlantic salmon come to spawn there. It is also the land of the wild Loire, the last wild river in Europe where brown trout and pike live side by side. Like a religion, with my uncles and my grandfather, in the 90s, I first became passionate about toc fishing, then quickly came lure fishing, with all its dimension, the quest for fish trophy and contemplation with friends who share the same passion.

Nature lover and fishing enthusiast, I developed Need2Fish with a single objective: to develop eco-designed materials that are more respectful of the environment in order to provide technical solutions to regular fishermen.

Three words characterize our brand:

Respect the environment

In order to better serve your passion, Need2Fish focuses all its efforts on the performance, reliability and design of its products. Thus, we offer you unprecedented technological innovations in the field of hard lures, soft lures and accessories (100% natural attractant, lead-free weighted heads, technical braids, textiles) intended for trout and predator fishing.

Dennis from Need2Fish